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We OBLITERATE Products...Watch Us!

Watch our powerful shredders and shred technicians obliterate boxes of shirts.

Our shredders here at American Shredding can handle most any type of uniform or fabric. Depending on the fiber, we work with specialized mills to shred recycle your material and re-weave it into recycled fleece. Yes! We are upcycling when we business is good business.

Our Product Destruction Security Features & Documentation

  • Bills of Lading

  • GPS

  • Security Seals

  • Time Stamps

  • RFID

  • Excel Sheet of Product SKU

  • Certificate of Destruction

  • Photos/Videos of Event

Sample Items We Destroy

  • Plastics and Metals

  • Textiles and Fibers

  • Branded Swag

  • Calling Cards

  • Casino Chips

  • Cosmetics

  • Food Products

  • Packaging

  • Software

  • Lottery Tickets

  • Uniforms and Apparel

  • Weapons and Firearms


Ready to work with a company who offers product destruction? Contact us today to get started!


American Shredding offers shredding and recycling services to help you protect your product brand and do your part to protect the planet. We can shred on-site at your location or off-site at our secure plant.

Contact us for fast scheduling, friendly staff, 100% recycling and low prices. We offer services in Arizona, Texas, Oregon, Utah, and Washington states. See our list of cities here.

Need help with a recycling plan? Get a quote today!

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