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warehouse full of piles of shredded paper


American Shredding Plant Shredding is
Secure and Efficient

Plant based shredding is the most economical way to process confidential material. Our carefully planned systems handle different resource streams using conveyors, tippers, shredders and balers. We design each American Shredding plant with singular focus on security and sustainability whereby every sheet of paper, every data tape, hard drive and product is 100% shredded and recycled.

American Shredding plant shredding works like this:

  • Screened and bonded American Shredding technicians secure your confidential material into locked shredding bins

  • Each bin is recorded and sealed before loading into our GPS-tracked vehicle

  • American Shredding driver provides a Bill Of Lading documenting materials and receipt

  • Vehicle proceeds to our secure plant where your material is unloaded by screened plant personnel

  • Bins are verified according to your BOL and transferred from loading dock to secure shredding area

  • American Shredding plant operators transfer bins to automatic tipper which conveys paper into shredder

  • Paper is shredded and immediately passes into baler which creates 1000 pound paper cubes

  • Bales are staged in a container on our loading dock which remains locked and sealed until daily pickup

  • Container is sealed with a unique barcode to prevent tampering

  • Secure container is picked up by our vetted recycling partner with whom American Shredding maintains a Business Associate Agreement covering important information protection laws

  • Container proceeds to paper mill where shredded paper is mixed with hundreds of tons of similar material and slurried into pulp

  • American Shredding makes every effort to utilize domestic, U.S. based paper mills

  • Your obliterated documents return to continue their life as new tissue paper 

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