It can be tough to feel like you’re making a difference. So many things are bigger than one person, like climate change. But even small choices make a impact.

American Shredding helps the environment by recycling — a lot. We recycled over 2 million pounds last month alone. Think about it: if you didn’t shred your paper, you might throw it away. And besides an ID theft nightmare that would mean tons more trash.

A ton of paper made from 100% recycled saves 17 trees, 7000 gallons water, 60 lbs air-polluting effluents, 4100 KWH electricity, and 3 cubic yards landfill space. So every time you shred and recycle a 20 lb file box, we save 1% of that.


And that makes a difference!


American Shredding recycles 100% of our shredded paper. Overall, we've recycled over 100,000 tons of paper!


This means we've saved:

  • 1.7 million trees

  • 70 million gallons water

  • 6 million pounds air pollution

  • 410 million KWH electricity

  • 300,000 cubic yards landfill

A big shout out to all our terrific customers who have helped achieve this … we’re proud of it and you should be too!!


Green Energy: 

American Shredding purchases wind energy credits to help neutralize the carbon footprint of day-to-day operations. 

Non-Profit/Green Discounts: 
Non-Profit/Green Discounts: 20% discount for qualifying NGO’s and certified Green Businesses.

Non-Profit/Green Donations: 
American Shredding proudly supports select environmental NGO’s. If you think we should support yours, let us know!