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Operational Procedures


Employee Hiring and Screening

  • Employees sign a confidentiality agreement before hire

  • Drivers meet federal and state licensing and reporting requirements

  • Employees drug screened at hire and randomly screened throughout tenure

  • Third party background checks

  • Employees pass federal background screens with finger printing and eQIP, OF306, FCRA approval

  • Drivers, helpers and processing employees wear company uniforms and photo ID badges

  • American Shredding maintains written policies for all employees

Transport and Destruction

  • Vehicles have applicable government inspections, registration, and insurance

  • Vehicles have lockable/securable cabs and lockable/securable enclosed cargo areas

  • Collection equipment remains physically secured until shredding

  • Mobile shredders crosscut paper to 5/8″ by slicing in multiple directions across its surface

  • Mobile shredders are under 24 hour GPS surveillance

  • Shredded material is secured in a locked warehouse or container until recycling

  • Media for off-site shredding is destroyed within 48 hours of receipt

Facility Security

  • Visitors sign a log with their name, time, affiliation and time-out

  • No access to our facilities allowed unless escorted by an American Shredding employee

  • Materials always physically secured from unauthorized access while awaiting destruction

  • All materials contained during collections process to prevent loss from wind and weather

  • All facilities under 24 hour video surveillance

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