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What Should You Be Looking For in a Product Destruction Company?

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Recently, a high-end sports manufacturer hired American Shredding to destroy some of their products including apparel, goggles, helmets, pack, sunglasses and more. The packs and helmets were smashed in the baler and the rest went through the shredder.

But how did they know what product destruction company to go with? What made American Shredding win the job?

Because they did their research and looked for a qualified company with a stellar reputation and amazing customer service. They also knew what to look for.

What should you look for when hiring your own product destruction company?

The certified product disposal company you choose should:

  • Inspect your products to see if there are any hazardous ingredients or components to them

  • Provide you with a detailed product disposal plan and let you know what steps will be taken to ensure your products are destroyed properly providing you peace of mind

  • Assist you in completing any manifest forms required for the disposal of your products

  • Provide photos and/or video of the destruction process. This provides verification that your products have been disposed of appropriately. It also provides a “chain of custody” - a paper trail that documents transfer of custody, analysis, and proper disposal of your products

  • Provide you with a Certificate of Destruction from the disposal facility for your records

  • Be able to provide you with verification that the company is certified, licensed, and bonded

  • Be knowledgeable. Every state has various requirements for product disposal, so it is important to hire a knowledgeable company who stays up to date with all federal and state regulations

Offering locations in Texas, Washington, Arizona, Utah, and Oregon, American Shredding ticks all the boxes when it comes to hiring the best product destruction company. They know all the ins and outs, regulations, safety protocols and more to ensure your company can properly and safely dispose of your products ensuring that they do not re-enter the marketplace and ruin your reputation.


American Shredding offers certified product destruction services to help you protect your product brand. We use a combination of machine and manual processes to disassemble, break down, shred, or crush the products. They are then reused, recycled, or disposed of in a safe, secure, and environmentally friendly manner. We offer services in Arizona, Texas, Oregon, Utah, and Washington states. See our list of cities here.

Need some products destroyed? Get a quote today!


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