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C’mon, Arizona, We Can Do Better! (How Arizona Ranked in a Recent Green Study)

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

When you think of Arizona, you picture wide open places, beautiful deserts, and clear skies as far as the eye can see. But how much longer will this be the case? It’s time for Arizona to strive to do better when it comes to being “Green”.

According to a study by Wallethub in April 2022, Arizona ranked 36th overall in its job of caring for the environment and 46th in poorest air quality.

Also, according to Arizona State University, Arizona municipalities and cities across America are dropping popular recycling programs or scaling them back drastically ever since China decided last year to limit reusable materials it would accept from the United States. China has stated that their recycling facilities became overwhelmed and their oceans were getting polluted.

The move has forced several Arizona cities such as Mesa, Tucson, Surprise, Casa Grande, Sierra Vista and Globe to reduce or eliminate their recycling programs. That will definitely not help Arizona's ranking.

What can we do to change this ranking?

Buy Green

The fastest and easiest way to make a difference is to buy products that are certified as green and shop only with companies who have a green certification. These are not hard to find as companies want to advertise how green they are to build goodwill and strengthen their brand as well as save the planet.


Research Arizona-based companies who are leading the way in green initiatives. However, don’t just take their word for it. Do they have green certification badges on their website and marketing materials? Do they create events for recycling for their companies and for the local community? Do they actively demonstrate their pursuit of a healthier Arizona with electric cars, using recycled materials for promotional products, etc.? Supporting local businesses who make a true effort to save the planet not only encourages them to keep doing more but puts other rival businesses on notice that they should do better!


When it comes to voting for a particular candidate both locally and nationally, research where they stand on environmental issues that specifically affect where you live. See how they’ve voted on past issues and what they are saying they will do in the future. Even watch how they run their campaigns. Do they drive electric cars or are their yard signs made of recyclable materials? Make politicians keep promises made for a healthier planet. If they don't keep their word while in office, vote them out.


As mentioned above, businesses can do more to make a greener Arizona. Seek out green certification. Have employees come together and create a “green policy” that lays out what you want the company to achieve. Put people in charge who you know will follow-up and keep the policy going. Consider having company awards for locations or employees who show initiative and leadership when it comes to your green programs. Take advantage of local news outlets to consistently let Arizona know that you are doing your part and want other businesses to do the same!


Start the practice of being green as early as possible when it comes to the next generation. At home, create chores that kids can do that lean towards conservation. Sign up as a family to clean up parks and waterways. Get together with your neighbors and create a community garden where households can bring compost materials to enrich the soil. It can help feed the neighborhood or produce can be donated to a local food bank. Ask your schools to create and implement programs that encourage recycling.

Host shred events with local companies where residents can drop off paper and hard drives and other electronic devices for shredding and certified destruction. There are companies in Arizona who do this professionally and are certified. Want to learn more? Check out our blog for more articles about shred events.

So, we’ve got some time to make Arizona rank higher when it comes to being green, but it needs to start today. Keep those skies that brilliant blue and the air clean for many generations to come.


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