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Recycling in Phoenix: Bridging the Gap in Arizona's Recycling Programs

For every three pounds of waste in metro Phoenix, one is recycled and two end up in our landfills, according to Arizona State University sustainability professor Rajesh Buch. And with Phoenix landing below the national average when it comes to recycling, and their solid waste fees rising, residents and businesses find themselves in need of understanding recycling in Arizona.


Most people in Phoenix know about the Recycle Right Wizard that allows you to search what items are recyclable. Simply type in what item you want to recycle, and it will tell you if it is permissible with your local recycling pickup.


Also in the Wizard, you’ll see listings of items that should not be sent for recycling in your area including clothing, bags, string lights, hoses and cords that can tangle in the machinery. And don’t try to recycle electronics because they can cause fires, damage machinery, and injure workers.


So, what do you do with those items they won’t take?


Local companies in Phoenix reach out to American Shredding to destroy products, shred hard drives and paper.


See our local plant in action!



Here's a partial list of materials that require professional destruction:

  1. Expired Pharmaceuticals: Medications that have passed their expiration date may be harmful or ineffective and need proper disposal.

  2. Defective or Recalled Items: Items that are faulty or recalled due to safety concerns need to be destroyed to prevent them from reaching consumers.

  3. Counterfeit Goods: Counterfeit products, especially in industries like pharmaceuticals and electronics, may be dangerous and need to be destroyed to protect consumers.

  4. Expired Food Products: Food items that have passed their expiration date and may pose health risks should be properly disposed of.

  5. Damaged or Contaminated Goods: Products that have been damaged during transportation or are contaminated in some way may need to be destroyed to prevent harm.

  6. Obsolete Electronics: Electronic devices that are outdated or no longer functional may contain hazardous materials and should be recycled or disposed of properly.

  7. Mold-Infested Items: Products that have been contaminated by mold pose health risks and should be destroyed to prevent the spread of mold spores.

  8. Illegal or Prohibited Items: Illegal Items, prohibited by law, or violate regulations need to be destroyed to comply with legal requirements.

  9. Confidential or Branded Materials: Products containing sensitive information or bearing a company's branding may need to be destroyed to prevent unauthorized use or resale.


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