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A Certificate of Destruction: A Must-Have for Shredding Clients

Need to prove you safely and securely destroyed your documents and products? A Certificate of Destruction does just that.

What is a Certificate of Destruction (COD)?

A Certificate of Destruction is a document that indicates the destruction of records or other materials in accordance with a specific set of protocols and procedures. It also provides evidence that sensitive documents were destroyed to meet legal, regulatory, contractual, or ethical requirements.

Who Issues a COD?

Certificates of Destruction are typically issued by certified service providers specializing in destruction services such as shredding paper or electronic media shredding. This certificate serves as proof that all confidential information has been safely and securely disposed of.

Why is a COD Important?

Having a COD ensures that unauthorized persons can no longer access sensitive data. In addition, it helps protect organizations from potential legal liability should any breach occur due to improper disposal practices. It also assures that organizations are compliant with applicable laws and regulations and any contractual obligations. A COD serves as an audit trail for businesses to validate destruction activities for regulatory or compliance purposes.

Lastly, it also helps businesses and organizations demonstrate to customers and other stakeholders that they take their data security seriously.

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