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The Healthcare Industry is Strong in Dallas-Fort Worth. But Are They Weak In Security?


According to the Dallas Regional Chamber, with over 601,000 jobs, $52 billion in total value added to the regional economy, and over 100 major health care industry management companies located in the Tarrant County, Dallas-Fort Worth is exploding in the healthcare industry!


Among the top 10 are:


Healthcare companies are unique from other companies in that they are heavily regulated by the government to protect patient privacy, ensure proper handling of medications, and abide by all regulations decided on by OSHA, HIPAA, and more. It is also important that they provide safe campuses and buildings for both the staff, patients, and visitors.


Sounds like a big job!


It is.


Protecting Data

Although many doctor’s offices are transitioning to digital records, many healthcare businesses still rely on paper. Once the paperwork is processed, most paper will be shredded. But what about “electronic trash”?  CDs, tapes, DVDs, floppy disks, hard drives, and other electronic devices can’t simply be thrown into a recycling bin or dumped in a landfill.


Protecting People

Most healthcare facilities are secure. Many have security officers on site, employee badges, key cards and more. However, when an employee is fired or quits, all their uniforms and security items will need to be destroyed. Also, an outdated or worn-out uniforms can’t be donated to charity. They won’t want someone buying it in a thrift store and strolling into their facility!


Protecting The Planet

Medical waste is a big issue. Examples of medical waste are culture dishes, glassware, bandages, gloves, scalpels, needles, and more.  Once treated, this waste is added to normal municipal waste causing Texas landfills to fill up fast!


So what can the healthcare industry in Texas do about all this?


Hire professionals!


A professional product destruction and shredding business can destroy or shred any of the following:

  • Business uniforms

  • Outdated or defective products

  • Clothing and shoes

  • Recalled equipment or products

  • Product packaging

  • X-rays and other medical records

  • Company credit cards

  • Employee ID badges

  • Trade secret materials

  • CDs, tapes, DVDs, and floppy disks

  • And more


The pros follow strict guidelines for destruction, have secure facilities, and provide paperwork so that your company can prove that everything was done according to the law. As you can see, healthcare businesses face a lot of extra work just to maintain security. Know when to let the professionals handle it so that the company can stay in the business of healthcare and not product destruction or paper shredding.

American Shredding is a professional product destruction company that gives you peace of mind. You’ll receive proof that your products are completely destroyed with a Certificate of Destruction (COD).


Be sure to contact American Shredding in Houston or our Dallas-Fort Worth location for all of your shredding and product destruction needs.



4300 Diplomacy Rd Ste 150, Ft Worth, TX 76155


Drop-Offs M-F 8am-2:30pm (please call ahead)


Serving the Greater Houston Metro


*No Drop-Off Service


American Shredding offers shredding and recycling services to help you protect your product brand and do your part to protect the planet. We can shred on-site at your location or off-site at our secure plant.

Contact us for fast scheduling, friendly staff, 100% recycling and low prices. We offer services in Arizona, Texas, Oregon, Utah, and Washington states. See our list of cities here.

Need help with a recycling plan? Get a quote today!


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