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Why Over the Counter Shredders Aren't Good For Business

boxes of papers in a storage room

Whether you are a business owner with several locations and employees, or you run an office out of your home, people often don’t take shredding sensitive documents as seriously as they should. They opt for small shredders that don’t cost too much and wait until their storage rooms are full or a tax season has come or gone.

What’s wrong with a commercial shredder?

Makes More Work

Lug out boxes, set up a location to run the shredder, and decide what to do with the shreds after you are done…. there goes a whole day! Not to mention, you will need to remove all metal (paper clips, staples, clasps) before shredding so as not to damage the shredder. Also, then figure out where to load and remove all the bags of shredded paper.

Not Secure

Most store-bought shredders shred paper into long strips. These can easily be put back together with some tape and some time. All an identity thief needs is part of an application, a social security number, or bank account number. And hopefully, you are never audited and asked to prove that all sensitive materials you received from customers/clients has been properly and legally destroyed.

Also, you’ll need to depend on all your employees, visitors, and anyone else allowed access to your office to not steal any files before destroying them. There is a very large and active market for client lists, filled-in applications, and more.

Doesn’t Save the Planet

Some people depend on recycling bins and city-run trucks to take boxes of papers to recycling facilities. Unfortunately, the EPA estimates that only 68 percent of all paper and cardboard recycling actually winds up being recycled every year.

Upkeep for Do-It-Yourself Shredding

You’ll need to schedule times throughout the year to dedicate to shredding, have a secure location to store documents until then, and figure out how to securely dump the shreds.

So maybe hiring a professional shredding service is the way to go!

The pros provide:

  • Background-checked drivers and plant personnel who are professionally trained and aid in maintaining NAID AAA Certification of shredding plants.

  • 100% of recycling is accounted for. The pros can show you the numbers of what their services and plants have done to help with the environment.

  • Dedicated account managers help with scheduling so you can put it out of your mind. They will help you with obtaining shred bins or setting up a one-time purge.

  • Drivers do all the heavy lifting and removal of all documents and there is no need to make sure all metal is removed. All your employees have to do is put the paper in the shred bins!

  • Protection of your information from unauthorized access and theft. Your files will always be secure from the time they are disposed of in a locked shred collection container to the moment they are shredded.

  • With our industrial shredders, you can be confident that your documents are destroyed to a point that the information is unrecognizable. Unlike a store-bought shredder, ours using a crosshatch cut that is virtually impossible to piece documents back together!

American Shredding provides NAID AAA Certified, plant-based shredding services in Washington, Texas, Utah, Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona. We can help your business stay focused on revenue generation by leaving the document shredding to us. For more information, please call us at 888-777-2099 or visit our website.


American Shredding offers shredding and recycling services to help you protect your product brand and do your part to also protect the planet. We can shred on-site at your location or off-site at our secure plant.

Contact us for fast scheduling, friendly staff, 100% recycling and low prices. We offer services in Arizona, Texas, Oregon, Utah, and Washington states. See our list of cities here.

Need help with a recycling plan? Get a quote today!


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