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High Capacity Paper Shredding System for Texas

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

To serve Dallas and Fort Worth,Texas, American Shredding has built a new high capacity paper shredding system. We are expert at paper shredding. Our system is powerful and efficient. So, we want to shred and recycle your office paper, sorted office pack, and confidential documents.

The National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) certifies our facilities. Because our plants have the most secure and powerful shredding systems in the industry, the Federal Government chooses our services. Government employees regularly inspect each of our facilities to make certain that our procedures for handling confidential documents cannot compromise any US Citizen’s identity or personal information.

Consequently, we shred documents by the truckload for the IRS, hospitals, court systems, manufacturers, and more. Our powerful, high capacity paper shredding system can shred four or five tons of paper in an hour. Because of this, we recently processed three truckloads, 73 pallets, of boxed papers in one day.

Above all, we have a fine team in Texas. In this video, you will meet Chase Lamb. Jimmy Harty, Paul Simonetti, and Killion Johnson, have long experience in recycling. They can help you find and implement optimal solutions. More sustainable solutions help you work better and be more profitable. Our high capacity paper shredding system can also destroy flawed products or overstock goods.

When you need paper shredder services, our three mega shredders will reduce your papers to a tiny size. We are NAID certified and we shred paper into sizes tinier than their standards. After the shredding, we immediately bale the bits then we quickly ship it out for recycling. If you want to learn more about NAID, read more here.

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