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Make Your Shred Event a Charity Event and Make an Even Bigger Impact in Arizona

Most shred events are free to the community and are used as a great tool to favor goodwill towards the hosting company. The events provide a safe and secure way of shredding confidential documents and recycling paper. It’s a win-win. But what if it could a win-win-win? What if it could help with climate change or conservation in Arizona? What if it could help lower income students and schools get paper supplies?

Instead of just being a free event, make it one that impacts your community. Ask for a charitable donation from attendees. Make it a marketing event dream by making sure to alert local media to promote and attend the event. Then follow up with press about how much was raised. Do photo ops and shoot video with the charity that can be used on your website and social media.

In the end, it’s all about making the biggest impact.

Climate Justice Organizations

Arizona has a strong drive for what is referred to as “climate justice”. Climate justice deals with the just division, fair sharing and equitable distribution of the burdens of climate change. It also ensures that activities that benefit climate change are distributed equally. For example, solar power should not just be offered to inner cities and not to poorer or remote regions. In addition, some areas of the country feel the effects of climate change more harshly than others so resources should be distributed fairly. Here are Arizona-based climate justice resources to consider giving money to.

School Charities

There are a good amount of non-profits in Arizona with an overarching goal to help elevate the quality of K-12 education. Many groups, such as the Arizona chapter of Stand for Children, act as vocal lobbyists at the State Legislature to push ahead on key issues like state funding. Non-profits such as the Children's Action Alliance focus exclusively on the well-being of Arizona's children. You can find a list here of 12 groups whose mission is to put students in a better position to succeed.

Conservation Charities

Arizona is known for its beauty and landscapes. This doesn’t all magically happen but rather with the help of groups of non-profits and other conservation agencies dedicated to keeping Arizona beautiful. One of these is Arizona Conservation Corps (AZCC) operates programs across Arizona engaging individuals and strengthening communities through service and conservation. For a complete list of conservation groups in Arizona, please visit here.

Pet Charities

Nothing gets people more excited about donating like a furry face! The thought of saving dozens of animals from being put down gives everyone the feel goods. Arizona has several no-kill shelters that could use the funds. Visit here to find a complete list.

Specialized Charities

Consider donating to a charity that is based on what your company does or provides. Are you a landscaping business? Think about a “donate a tree” event where every person who attends the event will get a tree planted in their name. Are you a financial company? Maybe make a donation or start a scholarship with a community college that offers courses on learning finances. This is great because you can see your charitable donations go directly to something tangible that you can see and also promote!

When you decide to create your next shred event, consider making it much more than helping the community with safe and secure shredding but an event that helps all of Arizona.


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