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Hosting a Community Shred Event Can Improve Communities & Goodwill

Shred events can benefit your company, your community, and the planet.

Nothing draws people to a business more than a free service. Shred events are an easy way to bring the community together that has all the “feel goods”. Peace of mind that their documents are professionally shredded to counter identity theft, and you are helping save the planet!

What are shred events?

Shred events are for local communities typically hosted by local organizations or businesses. You will see banks, credit unions and other financial institutions and even city or county governments sponsoring these events.

At the event, a mobile shredding unit is positioned onsite in a parking lot where event attendees arrive with their documents and a shred unit attendant takes the material and sends it through the shredder while the attendee witnesses the whole process.

Professional shredding companies use cross-cut shredding equipment that reduces paper to confetti-like pieces. These “shreds” are impossible to put back together. But why not just use a home shredder? The fact is this is a much more effective destruction method compared to home shredders and do-it-yourself shredding because home or personal shredders leave long ribbons of paper that can easily be put back together.

Watch a video of a recent event:

What are the benefits of shred events?

Goodwill within the Community

Often the shredding service will be free to the patron as the event is likely either a marketing effort by the business or a value-added service to customers but most definitely is an event raising awareness toward identity theft and its prevention.

If a non-profit or charity is sponsoring the event, the service may be free or attendees may be asked to give a donation in exchange for the service, the proceeds then going toward the organization’s cause.

Community Safety

According to a 2018 Harris Poll survey, nearly 15 million consumers experienced identity theft in 2017.

Shredding events are an opportunity to show the importance of keeping critical personal information secure and ensuring documents are properly destroyed - rather than end up in a garbage bin or recycling container. In addition, it shows that a company truly cares about their patrons and their community.

Beneficial Partnerships

Partnering with an established shredding company that has a good reputation for integrity and customer service will put a positive spotlight on your own company so choose wisely. Look for a NAID AAA certified company with a current certification (find out why this is so important here). Go on Yelp and look at their reviews. Once you narrow it down, contact their sales rep and have a quick meeting. See what they can offer, get important information on how to cross-promote the event and more.

Organization Exposure

A shred event is a perfect vehicle for spreading the message that document security is important. Even if residents don’t take advantage of the event, passers-by will see that the shredding truck is securely destroying documents. and local media will likely provide print or TV coverage – because it’s a good news story.

Saving the Environment

Shredding events can help communities become greener and more aware of how their waste is impacting the planet. It is important to commend attendees on taking this step.

Want to learn more? Check out our blog for more articles about shred events.


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