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Case Study: Maternity Miracles Makes the Smart Choice

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Recently, Maternity Miracles, a large manufacturer of high-end baby strollers, hired American Shredding to safely and properly dispose of some of their baby strollers.

Why do companies not just haul their products to the dump or recycling center? Why is it important to hire a professional product destruction company?

Product destruction is a certified process that not everyone can do. Certified product disposal or product destruction service is a process where products are destroyed or properly and legally disposed of, and the process is authenticated to ensure that the product is not being resold or utilized illegally. (Watch out video and see how it's done!)

What does this do for a company like Maternity Miracles who utilized this process?

Good PR

Some companies seek to protect the environment by going green. This attracts customers who appreciate a company who takes the extra step to “go green”. Knowing that an organization hires a company who can reduce and recycle efficiently while helping save the planet is a win-win for any company!

Peace of Mind

Consider what could happen to your brand reputation if your products or confidential business information end up in the wrong person’s hands! Product destruction ensures your products are 100% destroyed. It also gives you peace of mind that your products are not being used unsafely, illegally, or resold.

Limit Liability

What happens to your customer experience if they are using defective or unsafe products purchased illegally? These products may not meet regulatory guidelines, yet they are in use. Not only will this harm your company’s brand, but it can also open your business up to an enormous liability risk.

This is where American Shredding proved to be the right decision.

American Shredding offers certified product destruction services to help you protect your product brand. We use a combination of machine and manual processes to disassemble, break down, shred, or crush the products. They are then reused, recycled, or disposed of in a safe, secure, and environmentally friendly manner. We offer services in Arizona, Texas, Oregon, Utah, and Washington states. See our list of cities here.

Need some products destroyed? Get a quote today!

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