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Secure Product Destruction: Texas Style

In mid-December, 2015, our client had 40 pallets of outdated medical prosthetics, silicone breast implants. They had 6000 units with a retail value over $7,000,000 and they needed the product destroyed before the January 1, 2016.  The implants were stored several states away, still in individual boxes, and the client feared that the product could be diverted to some unregulated market or turn up on eBay.

The entire product destruction process consisted of several steps.  First, we took possession of the product  using one of our GPS equipped trucks to ensure the secure transportation to our facility.  As the product arrived at our facility in Arlington, TX, it was immediately offloaded into our highly secure building. Our security is protected by credentialed employees, surveillance cameras, and a state of the art alarm system.  We divided the silicone product from its branded paper board packaging then we shredded both materials using our industrial triple shredder to achieve total destruction. Finally, when the destruction was completed, we provided the client with a Certificate of Destruction, proof of the product destruction and also with a peace of mind. The shredding job was completed within 48 hours and the client was very happy with the outcome. Contact Paul Simonetti for this service: 469 865-0838. Paul is based in Texas.

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