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Are You a Non-Profit (NGO) or Green Business? American Shredding Wants to Support You!

Offering credits to certified NGOs and Green Businesses up to 20%!

American Shredding is dedicated to protecting the planet with its strict standards on destruction and recycling of its customer’s waste. We recycle 100% of our shredded paper. Overall, we've recycled over 100,000 tons of paper!

This means we've saved:

  • 1.7 million trees

  • 70 million gallons water

  • 6 million pounds air pollution

  • 410 million KWH electricity

  • 300,000 cubic yards landfill

American Shredding also utilizes green energy by purchasing wind energy credits to help neutralize the carbon footprint of our day-to-day operations.

So, we put our money, time, and energy where our mouth is when it comes to being good stewards of our planet. We commend NGOs and certified green businesses for doing the same.

Are you a non-profit or certified green business? Interested in becoming one?

What Is an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization)?

A non-governmental organization (NGO) is a group that functions independently of any government. It is usually non-profit. NGOs, sometimes called civil society organizations, are established on community, national, and international levels to serve a social or political goal such as a humanitarian cause or the protection of the environment.

For example, NGOs might focus on activities in areas involving health or health emergencies, education, infrastructure, advocacy of minority rights, support of the poor, and the reduction of crime.


  • NGOs, or non-governmental organizations, play a major role in international development, aid, and philanthropy.

  • NGOs are often non-profit and may run budgets of millions or up to billions of dollars each year.

  • NGOs rely on a variety of funding sources, from private donations and membership dues to government grants.

  • Advocacy NGOs work to influence public policy.

  • Some well-known NGOs include the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, and Amnesty International.

What is a Certified Green Business?

Since 1982, Green America has evaluated over 8,000 small businesses. Green businesses adopt principles, policies, and practices that improve the quality of life for their customers, employees, communities, and the planet. The members of the Green Business Network are changing the way America does business.

They’ve helped leading green companies like Seventh Generation, Honest Tea, and Clif Bar take off in the marketplace. We connect people to entrepreneurs building sustainable enterprises from the ground up and Main Street businesses that serve their communities.

Green America certifies businesses that are:

  • Actively using their business as a tool for positive social change;

  • Operating a "values-driven" enterprise according to principles of social justice AND environmental sustainability;

  • Environmentally responsible in the way they source, manufacture, and market their products and run their operations and facilities;

  • Socially equitable and committed to extraordinary practices that benefit workers, customers, communities, and the environment; and

  • Accountable for their work by continually improving and tracking their progress and operating with transparency in every facet of their business.

We Stand With You

If you need a shredding company that thrives on supporting non-profits and green companies— you can count on American Shredding. We offer a 20% discount for qualifying NGO’s and certified Green Businesses. All you have to do is reach out to your local plant and we'll get the ball rolling!

Contact us today to get started!


American Shredding offers shredding and recycling services to help you protect your product brand and do your part to protect the planet. We can shred on-site at your location or off-site at our secure plant.

Contact us for fast scheduling, friendly staff, 100% recycling and low prices. We offer services in Arizona, Texas, Oregon, Utah, and Washington states. See our list of cities here.

Need help with a recycling plan? Get a quote today!

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