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5 of the Most Interesting Items Destroyed by American Shredding

Erik Brown of Salt Lake City made his list. What is on yours?

  1. Fur Coats – Protecting Sales Revenue - A clothing company needed to protect future sales by destroying knock-off coats that were made to mimic their product.

  2. Headphones – Brand Protection - Customers return defective headphones to be replaced based on their warrantee. The manufacturer must keep all defective products off the market to avoid damage to their brand. If they are discarded in the trash, someone could take them and try to reuse them.

  3. Gucci Bags – Value Protection – Gucci bags are coveted luxuries. When a product becomes out dated or defective Gucci does not want them to be sold on the secondary market. They want to protect the value of their product in the market by keeping it rare and unique.

  4. Smart Phones – Information Protection – Big organizations have LOTS of sensitive information floating around on hundreds of employee smart phones. Many companies take extra precautions, keep track of the phones, and make sure they are turned back in when a user upgrades. They then bring them in for witnessed destruction.

  5. Nutraceutical Bottles – Brand Protection – The concern by Nutraceutical Companies was that their miss-filled bottles, when stolen in large quantities, could be filled with false product and sold on the secondary market.

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