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Uniform Shredding

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

American Shredding works for dozens of school districts across the country. Some of them require student uniforms, and all of them have athletic uniforms, mascots, and other branded merchandise. And sometimes (more often than you think) schools change their names.

What happens to the old uniforms when a schools changes names? Shredding!!!

"One of our school customers recently changed names from 'Rebels' to and wanted to ensure old the old name was totally gone" says American Shredding Dallas-Fort Worth Operations Manager Chase Lamb. "They were pretty paranoid about it so we hosted them for witnessed destruction of an entire truckload."

Our screened and bonded couriers picked up the uniforms directly from our customer's warehouse, secured them within their GPS tracked vehicle, and immediately proceeded to our industrial destruction plant. Once at the plant American Shredding technicians unloaded the uniforms onto our shred conveyor, which trundled 100% of the material to our high-torque cutters, ripping them beyond recognition. This plant-based process of shredding a full truckload of uniforms took about an hour, and our customer could sleep easier knowing that she had verified the process referred to in her Certificate of Destruction.

So if you need uniform destruction, give us a shout!! Call 888-777-2099 or email

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