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Shredding Wet And Moldy Paper

Every so often we run into a customer sitting on hundreds of boxes of wet and moldy documents. This is pretty common when a business has run out of interior space and transfers boxed files to outdoor shipping containers. Shipping containers often leak which creates the perfect dank environment for wet and moldy paper.

Our Tacoma, WA branch recently did a job comprising several tons of decades old shipping container documents. Our customer was having a difficult time finding a company that could handle such a large quantity. Most shredding companies don't have the real estate, equipment, or wherewithal to handle such a big messy job. But American Shredding was happy to help and we knocked it out in the better part of a day.

We approached the job in a systematic way:

1) Screened and bonded American Shredding technicians, equipped with respirators and PPE, arrive at customer location.

2) Technicians transfer wet paper from shipping containers to our GPS-tracked box truck.

3) Box truck proceeds directly to our Tacoma, WA industrial shredding plant.

4) American Shredding plant technicians unload truck and blend wet paper into a larger quantity of dry paper and run the combined mix through our beefy in-line shred system.

5) Paper is cubed into thousand pound bales and stacked for paper recycling and pulping.

6) Customer receives her invoice and Certificate of Destruction.

The main takeaway: contact American Shredding if you need to destroy wet and moldy paper!!

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