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Product Destruction Circular Life Cycle

American Shredding strongly supports corporate sustainability, and recycling is at the core of this philosophy. We recycle thousands of tons of material every month, from paper to metal to plastic.

Shredded paper, known as "SOP" is our most common commodity. Most of our customers supply office paper and boxed records, which we shred, bale and pulp. This process means that your documents can continue their lifecycle as recycled tissue paper.

Hard drives are another big American Shredding outflow. Our shredders grind up thousands of HDD's per month into little metal slivers, which eradicates data and creates a valuable mixed metal commodity ready for smelting and E-Waste remanufacture.

Product destruction is another huge category, but harder to recycle. Most products contain mixed material streams that are difficult to sort and separate, and most recycling processes depend on large quantities of clean, discrete materials. This means many shredded products unfortunately end up in landfill.

But not always! Pictured here is a fun project where we shredded several thousands pounds of clothing, then returned the fiber to our customer for use in ... recycled dog beds!! How often can you say that that clothes off your back literally went into a soft bed for your pooch?

It turns out product destruction can be sustainable after all, and we'll keep improving our processes so your shredded materials find the highest and best re-use.

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