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Product and Document Shredding

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

When companies find that they have production mistakes, outdated merchandise, recalls, or returns, they need our product or document shredding. American Shredding securely destroys products of many types. One method we use is shredding. We shred when our customers need to protect their brands, when they have goods they cannot sell or no longer want to store. During the past five years, we have provided product shredding to hundreds of businesses. Examples include design prototypes, high fashion samples, erotic toys, counterfeit jeans, video games, bottled juices, outdated breast implants and more. You can see a video below that shows some gaming headphones being shredded. We can shred, slice, or crush what you need gone. Certified destruction means they are off the market forever and you have proof. Proof will include a certificate of destruction or even a video.

Of course, we also shred paper, hard drives, and data on other electronic media. We shred to protect confidential data and also to recycle paper that is no longer useful.

For our product and document shredding, American Shredding uses trustworthy people and high capacity shredding systems. Together across our plants in Phoenix, the Dallas/ Ft. Worth area, Salt Lake City, and Seattle/Tacoma, we shred about 15 tons per day. Typically, we sequence two or more shredders so that the paper flows through a large piece or strip cut shredder first. A cross cut shredder is next, further reducing the piece size. The standard specified by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) is 5/8”. As we shred multiple times, our paper  piece size becomes smaller. Further, papers from different sources become mixed together so reassembling a page of information is not really possible. At the end of the day, many tons of finely shredded paper is in transit to a paper mill in the U.S. or beyond.

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