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Introducing American Junk Removal

American Shredding's been around for decades and offers secure destruction of paper, hard drives, products, and everything in between. If you have it, we can destroy it (and recycle it).

But one question we've heard countless times is "can you take our junk too?" Or "please help clean out this storage unit!" The answer was always "NO" ... but now it's "YES"!

American Junk removal can handle ANY type of trash hauling. But we specialize in tough, challenging jobs for customers who truly need help. We'll take everything from fridges and furniture, to books and toys, to electronics. Even horse saddles.

Most junk haulers focus on easy curbside pickups and turn away intricate jobs like shed removal, above-ground pool disassembly, jobs with tough access, jobs in attics, etc. We're happy to pickup bagged yard waste at the edge of your driveway, but if you have something difficult other companies won't touch, American Junk Removal is your choice.

Sustainability is another way we're different. Simply put, sustainability is among our core missions. Just as American Shredding recycles millions of pounds of paper per year, saving trees, energy and emissions, American Junk Removal donates or recycles everything we possibly can, saving acres of landfill and pollution.

So if you have junk, check out or call/email 888-777-2099, Our friendly account manager will be happy to quote you a low price and arrange a flexible pickup time.

Thanks for reading, and stay safe.

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