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Five Paper Shredding Myths to be Aware of

There is often confusion when it comes to document shredding. We want our customers to be clear about who should shred and why it’s important. We hope these myths will provide clarity in regards to any hesitations you may have.

1)    Your company is too small for a shredding service The size of your company should not dictate whether you should be implementing a shredding program. On average most office workers go through 10,000 sheets of paper each year.  That is a TON of paper, which more often than not includes vital information pertaining to your staff, company, or customers.  Unless your office is 100% paperless, there is always the need to securely shred documents.  More importantly, the FACTA law states that any business that collects or handles credit must have a program in place to shred identifiable information.

2)    Staff will use the office shredder Unfortunately employees have daily tasks that usually take priority, and feeding numerous papers through a shredding machine takes a considerable amount of time.  These devices can also be quite the distraction among your employees due to the noise they create. In a lot of cases, the duty of shredding is put off only to pile up into a daunting task that nobody has time for; as a result important papers are tossed into the trash or recycling bin because it’s easy. This is risky business for your company!

3)    Your company is compliant if you have a shredder As we know office shredders are generally very unproductive and regular use of them can be challenging to implement among employees. So unless shredded documents are being recorded and monitored, there is no legal proof that your company’s practices are compliant with privacy laws. American Shredding will always provide proof of destruction upon completion, documenting the process has been done from beginning to end, in accordance with the law. Save yourself the worry and seek professional assistance.

4)    No one will rummage through your trash Although we would love to believe this, the reality is very alarmingly the opposite. Once your documents leave your hands and land into a trash bin, they are technically open to the public. Individuals and worse competing corporations will resort to dumpster diving as a technique to gather juicy material on your business plans, customers, financial status and other areas of interest. Such behavior can seriously damage a company’s reputation and may lead to lost business.

5)    It’s too expensive to hire a shredding company When your document destruction needs are handled by professionals, your business saves time and money! Each time an employee operates an office shredder, you are taking away time that could be spent on productive duties beneficial to your company.  What might take hours for an individual to shred, only takes minutes with American Shredding. Office shredders tend to get jammed, and therefore aren’t seen as a reliable long-term solution. If used on a regular basis, you’ll likely run into problems early on requiring the purchase of a replacement.

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