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American Shredding Salt Lake City, UT Branch Acquired By Shred Salt Lake

Shred Utah, Inc., doing business as, “Shred Salt Lake”, has been assigned the American Shredding -

Utah customer accounts in an exciting acquisition between two prestigious confidential shredding

services companies. After this change, American Shredding now focuses in other domestic major cities

and markets, while Shred Utah, Inc. concentrates into their existing intermountain west market. Each

company is a thriving, and independent secure shredding services provider.

Shred Salt Lake ownership who lead and manage your account, live right here in the Wasatch Front.

Shred Utah, Inc. is a qualified subsidiary of parent company, Shred Northwest, Inc. Combined, the

entities of Shred Northwest, Shred St. George, and Shred Salt Lake perform over one hundred

thousand shredding service jobs annually. There are nearly 800 independent, online reviews about

Shred Utah’s parent company on Google, making them clearly one of the most publicly reviewed

shredding service providers in the world, and an industry leader.

The contractual Service Agreements in place now between American Shredding and your organization

remain in force. However, by assignment of that Agreement you will now have a new vendor, and will

see things like new uniforms, new Certificates of Destruction styles, and new invoice styles.

Your locations have been integrated into the Shred Salt Lake routes and some minor changes in your

expected route days may affect your schedule. Schedules will be sent to you separately from this


Past invoices should continue being remitted to American Shredding.

All future invoices from Shred Salt Lake are typically sent out electronically, but paper billing is also an

option. Please remit future invoices to Shred Salt Lake.

We are so optimistic about these changes being a positive experience for all of the American Shredding - Utah customers. Please feel free to reach out to Shred Salt Lake for any questions about this transition.


Physical Address: 375 West 400 North, Salt Lake City, UT 84103

Mailing Address: PO BOX 911336, St. George, UT 84791

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