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American Shredding "Zero-Touch" Destruction

COVID-19 has changed our lives, and changed the way we do business. More of us are working remote and everyone is rightly concerned with sanitation and social distancing. Coronavirus spreads via personal contact and can live on things like plastic shred bin lids and even cardboard box tops. So as you can imagine, a question we get a lot of is: "can your technicians safely handle my material, with all the new standards, with everything crazy that's going on?" And the answer is: YES!

American Shredding's on-site destruction process is predicated on "zero-touch", where human hands (and eyes) never touch your documents. Paper reaches our shredders via an automated 96-gallon tipper that dumps all contents into massive, spinning, high-torque shredder teeth. A hydraulic auger then ejects the shredded material into a storage box where your paper mixes with thousands of pounds of independently sourced documents, commingling into an ID-Theft Proof slurry.

Still, paper needs to transfer from your boxes, bins or file cabinets into our 96-gallon totes before shredding, which requires a human technician. So American Shredding has modified our process to incorporate CDC distancing guidelines and personal protective gear recommendations. You'll notice that our shred technicians now wear masks and gloves, will not come closer than 6 feet from you at any time, and will spray off and clean any of your surfaces they touch. We will never ask you to sign anything or to accept physical paperwork: all of our documentation is now digital and can be safely accessed via email.

As an Essential Business supporting Healthcare, manufacturing, distribution, government and more, American Shredding remains open during the various State shutdowns. Business is down, but we take pride in supporting vital sectors of the economy during this difficult period, and will do our best to support ALL of our customers, safely and efficiently.

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