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Free Shred Event 10/16 in Cleveland, TX!

One of our customers, Adams Homes, recently hired us on to run a free shred event as thanks to their clientele. Event details are on the flyer below; come on down!! The more the merrier.

Shred events are a great way to promote your business while giving back to the community. American Shredding provides a shred truck and technician to destroy as many documents as people can produce. We shred right there on-site and customers can watch their sensitive data disappear in real time. Say goodbye to ID theft and say hello to 100% paper recycling.

!If you're interested in a shred event in AZ, OR, TX, UT, or WA, give us a call. American Shredding prices are low and our service is the best. We want your business, and we act like it!

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