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Nutritional Supplement Destruction

One of our longtime customers runs a sport supplement business with multiple product lines and hundreds of items. Among these are liquids, powers, capsules, packets, gels, raw foods, etc. Pretty much any type of nutrition item or supplement you can think of.

From time to time a product will reach expiration or experience manufacturing defects or recall, in which case it's imperative that our customer guards their spoiled inventory to ensure it stays off the secondary market. You would not believe how many times we've seen a scenario where such material gets sold on eBay or Amazon, and the results can be disastrous.

American Shredding offers a simple solution: crushing. Our giant, industrial strength balers can suck down, crush, and compress pretty much any product into a big brick of trash. Nothing inside remains fit for resale and even if someone wanted to monetize the products it would be impossible. Once everything is reduced into solid 1000 pound bricks, we truck the now-trashy items to a landfill and watch as the bales are broken up, mixed with various other trash, and capped off with soil. Problem solved! Our customers receive a Certificate of Destruction, Certified Weights scale ticket, and detailed inventory of product destroyed.

To get more information about American Shredding Product Destruction, including shredding and recycling options for recyclable material, please visit:

To discuss your options with an American Shredding rep, call us at 888-777-2099, email, or submit our quote form.

Thanks and stay safe!

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