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Mobile Phone Accessories Destruction

American Shredding works with several manufactures of cell phone accessories: cases, screen protectors, device holders, etc. This merchandise occasionally requires destruction, for example defective cases that don't adequately protect their encased hardware, or expired models for discontinued handset types. Just trashing this material threatens brand integrity because intact items oftentimes get scavenged from the dump and resold.

Our failsafe Product Destruction process protects our customers from brand and ID theft. First we remove the material from pallets, shrink wrap and boxes all of which are recycled. Then we meter the product onto a heavy duty conveyor which feeds into a series low-torque industrial shredders. Finally, the shredded material is baled, stacked, and trashed. Problem solved!

"Our customers sleep well at night knowing their items and products are thoroughly destroyed" says American Shredding Sales VP Paul Simonetti. Just give us a call and we'll do the rest.

American Shredding can destroy pretty much any type of consumer product. Our processes cover clothing, electronics, toys, hard good, food items, liquids ... you name it. Check out our options here and give us a ring if you need help.

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