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Cosmetics Destruction

American Shredding is BIG on Product Destruction, and cosmetics one of our main category niches.

Of course, cosmetics are a huge global business with thousands of tons shipped all over the world every day. This fulfillment means that millions of boxed and palletized products sit in warehouses across the United States awaiting sale and distribution.

Sometimes a cosmetics line will expire or experience manufacturing defects. Most often those products are racked in third party logistics warehouses, which charge by the foot, and the longer they wait the higher the fees. Not only that, but bad products represent a major business risk.

"It's critical for manufacturers to prevent their defective or spoiled products from entering the secondary market" says American Shredding Sales VP Paul Simonetti. "Scavenged products can easily be resold on platforms like eBay and Amazon, and unauthorized resale of items can result in brand damage, or even worse, health hazards."

American Shredding can help, with our Certified cosmetics destruction process.

First, products are unboxed and packaging is recycled. Next, we aggregate products and crush them in an industrial press. Finally, we dispose of the material in a licensed and bonded landfill.

Problem solved!

Please call 888-777-2099 or email info@americanshredding for all your cosmetics destruction needs.

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