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Our core group of professionals has been in the shredding and recycling industry since the early 1970’s. We believe that protecting private documents and making your best choice when choosing shredding company involves these factors:

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  • Is the company insured?
    Choose a document destruction company that is properly insured when it takes control of your private information. A data breach will cost one million dollars to notify all clients and comply with the required credit monitoring. The experts at American Shredding have been shredding for fourty years without incidence of data breach. Our services are backed by $27 million in insurance coverage.
  • What shred size will protect your privacy?
    Laws governing client privacy protection do not specify shred size. The shred size is determined by the cutting blade width or steel screen mesh openings in specific machinery. The NAID AAA Certification requires material to be shred 5/8” wide which can produce a strip and preserve enough useful information to cause a data breach. Most companies do not reveal the shred size their service produces. Always inquire about shred size and choose a size you feel is safe and secure. We shred, mix, and re-shred your material until it is less than 5/8” in any direction. We think shred size matters so we match our service to your need for security.
  • What happens after your material is shredded?
    Ask your provider what happens to your material after it is shredded onsite. Following the first pass through most industrial shredding machines, legible information that can still be read from ten to fifteen percent of the paper. This can lead to trouble if the shred is dumped outdoors or sold off to a third party recycler. You want it to be handled by responsible people who are thinking about your data safety in a place where it cannot take off on the wind. American Shredding unloads your material indoors inside a secure facility and we bale all of your material ourselves before sending it to a paper mill.
  • When to Shred?
    American Shredding offers flexible services designed to meet your specific needs. That might be weekly, alternate week, monthly, quarterly, one-time or when you need it. Our knowledgeable and reliable staff is trained to help you solve or avert any shredding or recycling difficulties and we will collect your material and avoid disrupting the normal workflow of your business.
  • Is the company NAID certified?
    Yes we are and our certificate can be found here. NAID stands for National Association of Information Destruction, the international trade association for companies involved in information destruction services. The NAID Certification Program establishes standards for a secure destruction process including such areas as operational security, employee hiring and screening, the destruction process, responsible disposal and insurance. A legitimate company will be NAID AAA certified. American Shredding actually surpasses NAID requirements and several of our service managers are NAID certified Destruction Specialists.
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